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RefGenes - a unique tool to find suitable reference genes

Interpretation requires context - making sense out of gene lists and networks
RefGenes was presented at the 2011 qPCR Conference, Weihenstephan, Germany

RefGenes: identification of reliable and condition specific reference genes for RT-qPCR data normalization.
Hruz T, Wyss M, Docquier M, Pfaffl MW, Masanetz S, Borghi L, Verbrugge P, Kalaydjieva L, Bleuler S, Laule O, Descombes P, Gruissem W and P Zimmermann
BMC Genomics 2011, 12: 156

General problem
The choice of suitable reference genes is absolutely crucial in RT-qPCR gene expression analysis. Often, genes from commercial panels don't work well for one's own biological context. Ideally, the expression of reference genes should remain unchanged across samples within the context under study.

RefGenes is an online app from Genevestigator that allows users to search for genes that are most stable across a chosen set of samples based on microarray data. This set of samples can be chosen according to experimental conditions or tissue types. For example, if you are performing a RT-qPCR experiment on mouse liver samples, you can use RefGenes to identify the set of genes that are most stable across all microarrays done on mouse liver in Genevestigator. This method offers two major improvements over existing methods because a) it does not narrow down from a small set of genes (e.g. commercial housekeeping gene panels), but looks for novel candidates from a genome-wide set of genes b) it is based on condition-specific stability. The below schema shows how RefGenes can be used in combination with existing approaches to yield valuable reference genes for specific experimental conditions.

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