Description of REST-RG beta  software version 3 [ August 2006 ]

New features in REST-RG:

-> up to 15 genes can be analysed
-> up to 20 replicated per group
-> more reference genes can be chosen
-> calculation of an geometric mean of the chosen RGs => RG index
-> optimal for Rotor-Gene 3000 and 6000 applications
-> direct import of Rotor-Gene take off points (TOP) via copy-and-paste
-> direct import of single-run qPCR amplification efficiencies via copy-and-paste
-> manual efficiency input
-> data output in a graph with error bars
-> error estimation of the calculated ratio using a Taylor's series
-> bugs removed in randomisation test
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Page 1:   Introduction and Gene name input

Page 2:   TOP and PCR efficiency input

Page 3:    Copy of TOP data input

Page 4:   Variation data output

Page 5:   graphical output

ratio error estimation used on page 4 and graph